26 May 2012

Crazy TMB Motorsport Savage

It's not a Honda
Can't really find the original source of this bike
This thing must be moped size.. take a look at those 17inch wheels, they look huge!
this thing is ini mini
very sexy swingarm


tobiism said...

Looks like a Suzuki Savage powerplant.
Love your Blog!!

Adriaan said...

I was gonna say:
The secret is in the image file names.. it's a Savage.. :)

Bram ter Heegde said...



You're welcome. ;)

Bram ter Heegde said...



Bubble Visor said...

why do you think the name of the post is Crazy TMB Motorsport "SAVAGE"?

Thanks bram!
He's got some amazing design skills
I want that bike so bad :)

Is sligthlydifferentspecials your blog?
thanks for the tip, cool stuff

Bram ter Heegde said...

Yup, that's mine. Updated when i have time and inspiration.

I'm sorry, but you can't have the savage, i have first dibs. ;)

Enjoy the weather!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Awesome bike and matching sense of humor, love it!

Thomas said...

wow that Honda look really good, inspiring.
That soes swing arm looks like the twin-diamond swing arm design on the Hyper3
great blog..