28 Apr 2012

kawasaki z400 '78

Bubble mail:

"Hi Lenny, 
I realize your request, and that's it the pictures
I hope you gonna enjoy that.


Very cool bike Mattia, looks like a lot of fun, thanks.


Zoran Holtkamp said...

Love this bike and cool pics too1!
Makes me want my KZ400 back too ;-)

Dario Romeo said...

Hi Guys,
It's a Very good transformation . I love it!
I'm pumping my z400 like a scrambler.
I'd like to know if the bitubo suspensions are 34cm or more.. I'd like to have something more like 36 -38 cm. but its difficult to find.
Other option is to use the Harley davidson 34cm or 13 inch.
And what about metzler 4.00 - 18 M/C 64S work like front wheel?
thanks Dario