16 Mar 2012

Customisation to be outlawed in EU

via - corpses from hell

"Sign this, here's the link

Reject EU (Motorcycle) 'Anti-tampering' legislation, this included Art 18 & 52, that will prevent owners customising their bikes and/or using after market parts.

Responsible department: Department for Transport
This will automatically become UK law soon and it means that bikers will not be able to customise their bikes in anyway or use cheaper (still safe & approved) 'after market' parts making it too expensive for the average rider – None of these directions make any sense at all and will not improve safety in anyway; just line the pockets of the large foreign bike manufactures.
Bikers wil be singled out by the police and stopped and emissions checked; this is discriminatory.
They also propose to ban filtering through traffic, which would be dangerous for air-cooled machines that could blow up in traffic and is the extreme of nanny state interference.
Banning of motorcycles over 7yrs old in Urban areas.
Clearly the EU intent to eradicate ALL motorcycles in the future and this is the thin end of the wedge...nanny state at its worst and it must be stopped right now!
This EU legislation must be rejected by the UK government ."
(You must be a British citizen or normally live in the UK to create or sign this e-petition)


thdu said...

why only uk resident ?

WhitelinePsycho said...

The fucking EU, no offence to any European crew, but when will those fucking idiots get put back in their little box, total joke and always have been. Bunch of bloody wankers, piss them off and take back control of your own national interests !!! The Poms will hopefully tell them to stick it up their arse.

Steve T.J.P. said...

Jeez man what a fucking bummer!

Wish I could lend a hand!

Bastybikes said...

There are a lot of country's in EU that have still cool laws ( or do NOt have laws ) for riding Customized bikes ... Hope the EU Fuckers do not change the law very soon !

I am very curious in how much accidents Custombikes are envolved , or how many people thay have killed to make laws like this !


Bubble Visor said...


It's a Uk petition..

Steve T.J.P. said...

So it got rejected? thats really good news!

Honoré Pompo-Dauliere said...

This matches the tone of several classes european legislation, and most closely that of gun laws, all first done in the name of safety, for bystanders, then for participants. But in effect it simply made it impossible for anyone who wasn't rich or dedicated enough to spend a significant portion of their earnings on their hobby.

If something isn't to be banned outright, it's simply not justifiable to restrict access to a particular social class. At least in a society that states a belief in human rights like the EU does. OH WELL