17 Feb 2012

The Zen Of Neato

Watermarking pictures that aren't yours is not a very cool thing to do if i may say so.
Doesn't mean I don't like The Zen Of Neato. 
Check it here


Diesel said...

Although I frequently use images other then my own, I do give credit when it can be found. Placing the watermark on images of unknown origin (which many blogs do BTW) in my eyes has always been a way of indicating approval and praise - not ownership. Thanks for the plug.

PS I would love to see more original content on your blog.

Bubble Visor said...

Original content is king,
you are right.

I started this blog to show other people what I found on the net. That will probably always be a big part of this blog.

Praising is nice but those pictures don't stay on your blog. You know that people re-blog your content. That's a huge part of the blogging culture. When the source gets lost, something that happens all the time, and all that is left is a watermark, it's not a surprise the photographer will get pissed when he sees it.
There is a big chance people think you made that picture when they see your watermark on that picture.

When I reblog a picture I always try to rename the file with the name of the place where I found it and a link in the post so people can find more information about it.

MIOB said...

I, for one, have a huge problem with people altering photo's that they did not make.

I make photo's and I sell them. Getting credit is immensely important for me. The cutting off of my logo on photos, or worse, getting other people's logos on my photos means people won't find me, which means a loss of income.

Among the worst cases I have had is an Italian blogger that has a commercial blog (add sense switched on). He put his logo on my photo and refused to remove it. As Lennard said, blogging culture means photos get reblogged, so my photo with his logo got reblogged, directing people to his site instead of mine. Meaning he made money out of my photo. That is downright theft.

He still does that by the way..... he likes to do it most with pictures of women and bikes because he knows they'll go all over the net. I think people and blogs like that should not get a podium.

(at this very moment I am involved in trying to get a photo removed from a blog because the blogger cut my logo off)

BC said...

Placing your watermark on images of unknown origin, is like putting a V8 ánd turbo sticker on your naturally aspirated 1.1 four propelled hatchback.

Or putting on a Napoleon jacket and telling the world you're the emperor.

Either way:
Lack off self reflection, to put it mildly

A cool blog like ZON doesn't need fake watermarks.

Zoran Holtkamp said...

I agree with the three commenters above. I just want to add that the fact that many blogs do this doesn't make it right and or cool.