21 Jan 2012

Lennard Schuurmans art work

Little Lennard Schuurmans art work update  :)

Today I finished this crazy "Lady Speed" digital art work. In a few days for sale at Cook & Becker as a limited edition Certified Art Giclées. They will represent my digital artwork starting soon. Check out their brand new site here.

Tomorow I will show six paintings in my new group show "Windows To Wonders".
You are kindly invited to the vernissage this Sunday the 22th 16.00 -18-00 in the Walls Gallery. Prinsengracht 737, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
14 artist present their recent works from 25 January until 16 March 2012.

Next month. Raymond Lemstra and I made this poster for our upcoming shared exhibition "Twee" in Alley Art Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium. Vernissage on Friday the 3rd of February, 19-22h.

My online portfolio LennardSchuurmans.com


Adriaan said...


Craig NOS said...

Very nice,exciting,Lennard... I publish a post about it in zecraignosmonstercycles !

My iron Hell said...

Waauw, knap!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Nice!! Can I pre-order?

ed said...

Well done Lennard i like your style man !

Bubble Visor said...

thanks dudes!

Whiskey said...

Zeer ontzagwekkende Lenny

Ayasha Kieth said...

This is really, really nice!

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