18 Dec 2011

Velobanjogent in black and white

The second mammoth post about the very nice blog Velobanjogent.
Watch it on a big screen :)

If you wonder where he finds all these gems here some info about the pictures of Velobanjogent:

"I often feature items from older Motorcycle magazines, including photographs and other drawings, cartoons etc in my Blog. Where possible I acknowledge their source. These items are often from "MotorCycle" and "MotorCycling", and the current copyright holders are Mortons Motor Cycle Media. I thank them for their use.

Where other sources are used such as Fox Photos, Keystone Press and other now defunct press agencies from the UK and elsewhere I attempt to acknowledge their source."

check his blog here for background information about all these pictures.


Roger Chambers said...

Fabulous post, makes me long to be back in those days.

lennyway said...

it's nice to look back to go forward

ed said...

great to see the Stanley Woods pics thanks for that,,

ElSolitarioMC said...

Great find. Hooked.