2 Dec 2011

Maxxis Promaxx

New rear Tire for the winter
probably should have done that 3000 km ago...
Tidied up the right side of my handle bar

still on the to-do list:
K&N filters (next Wednesday)
new seat
new subframe
battery box
new paint job


casey him said...

don't bother with k'n'ens, get yourself some UNIs- you'll be happier in the end. bikes lookin' good these days.

Ruud said...

If you need something,give me a sign!

PEN15RC said...

You should weld in a seat loop, hack off the stamped cross piece and go for a flat brat seat. ;)

SakeRacer said...

i'd say... take off that gas tank!!

(save the paintwork that looks great on this one... and just put there another suzuki tank, just to stay in the family... a gs/gsx one!!)