27 Oct 2011

Rogue Squadron Motorcycle Crew

Bubble mail:

"Hi bubblevisor,

Firstly, Great site!!... we're a bunch of marauding motorised heaps from Borneo and we love your blog! Great source of inspiration and eye-candy! :)

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our crew, we call ourselves Rogue Squadron Motorcycle Crew, we're very much different from the regular bikers here in our hometown, as many are just happy buying stuff over the counter and bolting them onto their latest technologically advanced motors, us guys search the cheapest most obscure motors we can find and afford and customise anything we can on the bikes with the limited tools and resources that are available to us...and we FRICKIN love it!....we ride our tempramental beast around the island whenever and wherever we can, turning heads as we ride.

We're huge fans of vintage/classic bikes, British, American and Japanese...anything that makes a good ruckus really, however parts especially on this island are hard to come by or toooo bloody expensive, but we are resourceful and make do with whatever we have, if not fabricate the piece from what we can get our greasy paws on! We do bikes, helmet art..you name it...all bike related stuff

Our crew love you site!!,,and we just wanted to thank you for keeping it fresh and feeding our imaginations and dreams!

Thanks again......and anytime ya wanna escape the winter and hang out with the Rogue crew in the tropical state of Sarawak, Malaysia, hit me up with an email and we'll ride and roll the island!!!

Peace and motor grease!!!

Kingo Bongo

Thanks Kingo!
good stuff, now get yourself a better camera so we can see more details of your bikes :)


Infographicmedia.nl said...

Cool stuff! Sharper pictures would be super indeed! Greatings from our cold Amsterdam : )

SakeRacer said...

yeap, guys...