12 Sep 2011


After the show I decided to go to the Route 66 MTC meeting in Ommen.
the weather forecast was not really good that day but the sun was still shining in IJsselstein so I took my chances to ride with Bjorn to the North..

I took some action shots of Bjorn on his nice Shadow.
Right after these shots my engine stopped running :(
we stopped and let the engine cool down and after some time I tried to turn it on again and it ran again..

In Zwolle I left the highway to go to Ommen

The Route 66 meeting was in the middle of nowhere. 150 bikers from different clubs where drinking beer, walking around naked and eating hamburgers. check pictures of the meeting here
One of the founders in the seventees of Route 66 MTC is my girlfriends dad so I had to check it out :)

Around 22.00hour I saw the first huge thunder lightnings in the south west so I decided it was time to go home.
20 minutes later I was riding in a crazy thunderstorm. for at least an hour non stop very heavy lightnings and big showers. I was soaked..
the weird thing is when your riding on the highway with your open face helmet in a nightmarish thunderstorm with 120km per hour you don't hear the thunder. And that made it much more comfortable. I was still afraid of getting hit by one of the 1000 lightnings I saw but it was like watching a scary movie with out the sound :)
bmwcafe MIOB made a small movie of the thunderstorm

160km later I came home. it was still raining
the gr650 did very well. It had no problems with the heavy rain at all


Perry's kustom paint said...

nice bike!!
greetings from the south!!
love youre work!!

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Perry!