5 May 2011

Honda engine

Does anyone recognize this Honda engine?

its a 1998 cl400rs engine

the cb400ss has an updated version of the cl400rs engine
here a nice one with a TL125 fuel tank


User.One said...

I want to say Honda XR250, as the cam cover and rocker caps, clutch arm and clutch casing would match, but not sure about the shaped trim cover over the oil filter.

Huguilena said...

I dont think they sell them in Europe.
Based on the old XL crank cases , it looks with XR400 top end?
It's a nice bike

Bubble Visor said...

thanks huguilena!
just found out the same
there's also a cb400ss with the same engine

User.One said...

Pleased you found out, never even heard of it!

Bubble Visor said...

thanks user.one
first I checked the xr250 but couldn't find one that looked exactly the same so kept searching, ha!

Mike Scandrett said...

Must have missed this post earler - the "TL125" Tank is actually a CL250 tank, and was one of the sweetest little bikes I've owned - bought it for my GF and ended up riding it more than my Spada. Here's a post I did on it:


Keep up the brilliant blog & art !

Bubble Visor said...

thanks mike!
the tank above the one with the cl250 tank is a tl125 tank :)