31 May 2011

Cafe Fabrications

"Jesse and Grant are best friends that have been dreaming of creating a business together for a long time. That time has come! Jesse Greening is very well known in the Hotrod industry. He's known as one of the premier builders of Hotrod's and Muscle cars in the world. Jesse's racked up enough awards to fill the trunk of a 64 Impala and that is a BIG TRUNK my friends! His work has been featured in more magazines than we would like to count. Grant Salter is well known in the cycling industry (bicycles). He has been featured in the New York Times, Bicycling magazine and several other publications. Grant was a lead instructor for the most popular fitting school in his industry. During the day he is a professional fitter, designer, and mechanic of custom bicycles. Together Grant and Jesse have always had interest in motorcycles (Cafe Racers) and improving on what's available to build with. The two of them who are never satisfied with stock or most aftermarket parts decided to make their own custom parts and build their own Cafe Racers. So this is the culmination of two industries separated by Leather and Spandex coming together to build the best "Cafe Racers" anyone has seen..."

this cb750 is Cafe Fabrications first bike and it took home the Award for Best Japanese bike at the 10th Annual Vintage Motorcycle show.


Arnd said...

can´t stop drooling over my keyboard.
working on a cb 750 myself, this is just inspirational.
thx for posting !

derestricted.com said...

that's pretty cool man

Scheffers said...

helllll jeaah!!!!