16 Apr 2011

project fuel tank

painting in Arnhem was cancelled for the weekend. will go there on monday.
so I decided to finish the tank and fenders
I re-painted the right side of the tank because someone said it was a nice tribal...
in my book tribal is WRONG!
so I had to redo it :)
much better now
I also lowered the front fender (no picture, sorry)
when I did the final 2k coating I left it to dry outside but then it started to rain just a little bit. didn't notice it at first. now is have a nice raindrop pattern in the coating :(
the rear fender is temp.  will cut the subframe next week, yeah!

tomorrow I will go to Hamont. just over the Dutch border near Eindhoven.

I pretend to see no dent


Gazza said...

The paint on that tank is looking great.

matt machine said...

what dent?

Ruud said...

Strak werk!ziet er goed uit!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Off the hook! Cool graphics and very nice color scheme.
Did some painting on my gastank too but not nearly as nice as this...
Have fun at the oldtimerbeurs, wish I could've gone too...

Time To Fly said...

Looks GREAT man, love the graphic!

SakéRacer said...


great lines!!

bravo lenny!