14 Apr 2011


at the joints custom bike show this year Ready Made Motorcycles was clearly inspired by one of the Ace Motor Cycles bikes.

same engine, tires, hand grips, paint job,  rigid frame, tail, seat, magneto, tank, handlebar, color combo, etc
I think the "original" is a much more balanced design.
the Ready Made bike is still a very nice bike but not very original to say at least.
could not find the ready made website..

copy is the highest form of flattery they say but I would be a little bit pissed if someone would do that with my bike to be honest.


paz said...

This shop is amazing!!! see thoses helmets! those stuning bikes!!! Jeez!

Skylar said...

There's lots of bikes at the Joints shows that resemble a bike from another shop or homebuilder. I wouldn't read too much into it, but that's just my opinion. Ace makes really nice stuff, I'm sure they're fine with it.