27 Mar 2011

great comment on Pipeburn:


"I'm happy to see that somebody, anybody, is turning a wrench these days. And I don't give a damn if you're 41 and turning Snap On or if you're 17 and turning Stanley. The point is, we make due with what we have. Single cylinder vintage SR's are cheap and great to learn on. But, that doesn't mean that all roads, be it skill set or financial means, lead to building your own OC style choppers. Unfortunately, that seems to be the consensus in my part of the world.
Let the kids wear whatever they want. Who cares if they dress the same. In the same tense, I've seen a million dudes with shaved heads and long goatees riding custom choppers, tourers in full Aerostitch on GS's, and (god forbid) leather tasseled baptist preachers on Sportsters. No one is more or less genuine or unique than the next, really. When I see another motorcyclist, regardless of what they're riding, I'm happy that they're one less person in a car. That is, unless you're a prick who cares too much about what I'm riding. If that's you, well you can just go to hell."