2 Mar 2011


you guys know I like digging and now finally I found the gold I was looking for on the New Castle Speedway History site.
so much amazing speedway bikes from the past..
the lines of those Sunbeams, Royals Enfields, BSA's, Douglas dirt trackers are incredible! crazy nice leather suits, great actions shots, bad hair..
love that site :)

here a small selection
check the rest of the site here


mp said...

Yea that ones grand, Ive been looking at that site for a long time now, You should check ths one too http://blackcountrybiker.blogspot.com/

ps, You got around the image copy block then, or is that just my pc ha ha

Bubble Visor said...

it took me a long time to find out how to get the pictures (mac)

I came back a few times and it annoyed me that I could not get the page info

than I found out I could get the page info when I clicked on the far left site of the page... :)

Bubble Visor said...

hey MP,

was checking out that link you posted
but then I remembered I already did a post about BlackCountryBiker, ha!

you can check the post here:

mp said...

Yea I got some pics off there by doing view source, then pasting the url's of images into new window ha ha.

BlackCountryBiker said...

Hi Guys - glad you're both liking my blog... no probs with nicking my pictures BTW. I know the guy who does the Newcastle site and he reckons you can't nick anything from his site, but I just click on "printscreen" button (top row of your keyboard and then paste the results into Paint or Photoshop to crop - easy eh!