3 Feb 2011

small steps

worked on my GR650 yesterday.
tried to do some welding for the first time. I made a mess..
still have to lear a lot, haha

tried to fit the new parts to see how they look.
the front mudguard is smaller now
and I'm happy with the length of the rear mudguard in combination with the trimmed sparto rear light.
now I have to finish it all and mount the licence plate.

how I bought it


Chris said...

It's getting there... you can see the potential. New seat and lose/modify the cover under the same and she'll be looking pretty good!

Keep up the great work on your blog.

Arnd said...

Looks good ! You´re getting there ! Any plans on the seat ?

Great blog ! Keep it up !

Ruud said...

Nice project man!If you need some help with welding just give me a sign!

Bubble Visor said...

this is the "before I chop the rear frame of" fase
next plan is to change the seat.

thanks Ruud!
woon je toevallig in amsterdam :)

Neil said...


Sopassé said...

yes the seat, and how about some spraycan action?

Roy said...

That's a good looking bike--I mean aesthetically pleasing, visually. You've improved it much over the stock.

Alberto said...

Hello there!
your bike has some potential to become a real good stuff.
I'm looking for two exhaust like yours...where did you find it?

Ruud said...

Shit nee ik woon in tilburg..Wat is het probleem,misschien kan je wat tips geven!

ZZ chop said...

een goed begin! die achterband is al cool! nu de rest!
Misschien kan Fedde je helpen? zit ook in A'dam, http://feddewapstra.blogspot.com/

Bubble Visor said...

thanks guys!
I bought the exhaust at http://www.rocket-caferacerparts.nl/

er is nog niet echt een probleem, ik kan gewoon nog niet zelf lassen en heb in amsterdam geen plek waar ik kan het lassen kan leren. moet het gewoon een paar keer proberen. vrienden hebben een werkplaats in de buurt van utrecht en daar ga ik nu vaak woensdag avond heen maar iets dichterbij zou wel handig zijn.

bedankt voor de tip!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Oeh nice!! How bout that sweet closed rear wheel, still working out a way to fit it?
I took a welding course in Zaandam, learned a lot but sadly never used it "in real life"... yet.

Bubble Visor said...

I know how to make it fit now but I also need to make and find new spacers, a rear caliper set and a rear sprocket..

so till then I'll use the original rear rim