14 Feb 2011

rocket garage

cool stuff from Rocket Garage


RocketGarage Magazine said...

Thanks ;-)

MIOB said...

Serieus, je moet die gast geen aandacht geven! Copyright dief. Jat overal foto's, haalt logo's er af en zet zijn eigen logo erop. Inclusief mijn foto's. En no way dat ik het verwijderd kreeg zonder ingrijpen van blogspot!

Unknown said...

Any idea what kind off tires on the beemer?

RocketGarage Magazine said...

Chiedo scusa al padorne di casa , ma "Miob" o qualunque sia il suo nome continua ad attacermi per un vecchia storia che credevo fosse chiarita ...voglio ricordare che a diffenza sua io non vendo niente e non guadagno niente da questo blog , mentre lui pubblicizza le sua moto,che tranne la BMW Blu ha fatto solo brutte moto come la sua ultima creazione , infatti non ha trovato e non trovera mai spazio nel mio Garage .

P.S. ora traduciti questo "Quaquaraquà"

MIOB said...

I would have no problem with you or your blog if you didn't put your name on other peoples photo's. That is indecent. And there are still photo's on your blog that are not yours, but that have 'rocket garage' on them.

Bubble Visor said...

@miob and Rocket68
please don't that shit on my blog.

I can understand your point of view MIOB and I hate it too when people put their logo on other peoples foto's but Rocket Garage has some some very nice stuff on his blog and as you can see, none of these pictures have his logo.

to be honest in the end for me all that matters is that a picture is interesting, beautiful or can inspire and the fact that there's a logo in it or not doesn't bother me so much.

and since every blog is borrowing stuff from other blogs it is almost impossible to find out who originally made the picture anyway so I just credit the blog where I found it.

I have no idea but they sure look nice.
someone else?

Bubble Visor said...

check http://www.rennkuh.de/

RocketGarage Magazine said...

I apologize again for the clarification, even remove my previous comment ;-)
Thanks again