7 Feb 2011

Kawaski W800

Last Thursday a guy from Kawasaki Europe came to my studio in Amsterdam to talk about Bubble Visor, my thoughts about the future of the custom bike scene in Europe and I told him some of my future Bubble Visor plans...

to my surprise he was riding the new Kawasaki W800. this is the first and only W800 with a licence plate in the Netherlands.
It is stunning.
that engine is so beautiful. made me very greedy.
I think this is one of the nicest looking stock motorcycles of the last 25 years.
The dutch press hasn't seen it yet and I could have a test sit, ha!
it feels light. I know it's not.
but if you change that stock exhaust it will loose some pounds.
the sounds of the engine is great and you just know it will be the shiznit when you mount an after market exhaust.
the details on this bike are amazing. no plastic fake chrome but the real deal.

Ik hope this W800 is going to be a huge hit for Kawasaki.
I know for sure companies like Deus, the Wrenchmonkees, Heiwa, Bratstyle, etc. can turn this new twin in stunning customs.

I'm trying to convince Kawasaki to lent me the W800 for a Bubble Visor review.
here are some crappy Iphone pics because sadly enough I forgot to charge the battery of my camera that day...


Arnd said...

Lucky Bastard ;)) ! Hope you get one for a test. Looking forward to the review..

Zoran Holtkamp said...

No way...... That's one awesome bike!!!
The first time I'd like to own a new bike.

ElSolitarioMC said...


Lawrence said...

Very cool!

I hope its comes to the US ...

Keep up the good work,


Wojtek said...

oh yeah! it loooooks sooo goood. I love kawasaki for their "replicas" :) w650,w800, zephyr. Got myself a zeph 750 and I'm looking now for some exhaust idea. ok enough of writing

btw bubble visor = super ok, mega cool blog

keep it up

Jess said...

Looks soooo good.
amazing they are making it since the W650 flopped in the US.
never thought they could put a worse tank badge on it though... they did.