27 Jan 2011


Yamaha AT1
bron - Born Loser

bron - the Evil Act


Paulo Polaroil said...

Hello, nice blog. However, this isn't a Yamaha AT1, but a '72 AT2, like my father's one : http://polaroil.free.fr/at2/DSCF0012.jpg

This is an AT1 : http://vroum52.com/vroumjaponaises.img/ym50_doc-06-125_at-1[1].jpg

See ya.

Bubble Visor said...

hi Paulo Polaroil,

thank you for the feedback!
what is the difference between a AT-1 and the AT-2?
to me they look almost exactly the same..

the title of the image says it's an AT-1 so I assumed it was one but I'm not an expert so your probably right :)

Paulo Polaroil said...

AT-1 was the first 125 cm3 trail-bike from Yamaha, and AT2 the second... The main difference is that AT2 has "Torque Induction" (Yamaha valve intake system). Tank/headlight/seat/tachometer are different too. But, in fact, who cares, they're both very nice little vintage japanese bikes. And AT2 was my first riding experience, at 6 !

Bubble Visor said...

thanks Paulo,

love details like that