11 Sep 2010

honda tank?

saw this honda tank online but I have no idea from wich honda bike it is?
anyone got a clue?
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bron- zelastchancegaragedu78
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bron- sparetime
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bron- so-sos
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bron- 8negro
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BitMonkey said...

I think it might be a Honda XR75 tank, maybe about a '76.

Bubble Visor said...

thanks BitMonkey,
I think you're right!

Speedin Doug said...

it DEF an xr75 tank

Tex said...

Possibly from a CT125...

Neutral said...

Tex is right, it's not an XR75 tank (have a look at the bottom of the tank), it's a CT or XL tank, got exactly the same one ;)

Anonymous said...


dA Team & Friends said...

i think about a cb J or cb S or even a K5 honda no ?