3 Aug 2009

single hot rod

last friday i saw an amazing custom on the roads of amsterdam.
i spoke to the german dude riding the beauty. his name was Günter. he's the creator of the beer pocket.
check his nice website magnet jeans
we had a nice talk about bikes and stuff and we went for a small ride.
sadly enough i didn't have a camera on me at the time but i took some crappy shots with my mobilphone
does anyone recognize this bike?

it is the first JVB Moto ever build!
here some information from the JVB site

"2001. The Beginning.

The bike started as a low budget project combining a XF 650cc Suzuki engine and a 1988´ GPX 600 Kawasaki Chassis.

Ever since I was a big fan of radical oldstyle choppers and bobbers, but I cannot imagine having fun, riding 300 kg and a rigid frame.
I wanted a light quick, street single with low riding position, full TÜV and some Rock`n Roll bike apeal.

The result was this single Hot rod which took me one year to build and almost another to make it really go well and reliable.

It´s perfect now and it´s really good fun to ride. (150 kg, 50 HP almost feels like supermoto)
Besides that it won lots of prices on bike shows and contests."

here are some high qulity picturres from the site so you'l see the amazing details on this hot rod





1 comment:

Dan said...

Always loved that bike!
I've got a GPX600 that is stripped but now being neglected, the JVB is part of the inspiration behind that project.