19 Jun 2009

future plans

some simple changes
this one is a bit more complicated (and on this photo you can still see the old laser exhaust)


Chris Bartlett said...

Great blog, I visit it every day. On this post, I like the top bike better.

bubble visor said...

hey thanx chris!
i'm still not sure what i'm gonna do with the bike...

today i fixed the front forks with a friend :)

SakeRacer said...

Hi Mr BubbleMan...
my compliments too... about the blog!

i have a question, about the 2nd pic:
howcome u put those wheels on the drawing??

i mean.. is it purely occasional?

coz i've seen a cb400four special in italy, with exactly those wheels on!
+2discs front
+rear disc (i think)
+special seat-cover on the back!!
(something like the one the SRs and the GBs have)

please let me know if u have a pic of the bike i'm talking about!!!!

and keep up the good work!
my compliments...again!!!!!

bubble visor said...


the wheels in the 2nd pic are in my garage
i photoshopped them to see how it will look. at the moment they are gold but i'll probably paint them black(or red or white...)
they are melber mag wheels made for a cb400f so it's not a big coincident you saw a bike with the same wheels :)
it only has one disc in the front.
don't have a picture of the bike you're talking about but please send it to me i you find it.

nice blog you've got!


SakeRacer said...

i thought u knew something about that bike!

i think i found only one pic of that special 400four on the net...
several years ago!
i'll search in my archieves!

SakeRacer said...

any new fotos from your project bike??