8 Apr 2009

bron- nostalgia on wheels
bron- bornlosermc
i like the white stripes on this bmw
does anyone have experience with the marving racing exhaust? i'm thinking of buying one for my cb400f but i'm not sure if it's insanely loud or loud but ok..?


Mark Von Manten said...
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FrAnCeScO said...

Hey, i love your blog!
I have a short marving exhaust on a 1975 cb 500 four (like the "racing" model in the picture, you can see it on some old posts on my blog) it's not insanely loud cause it has a sort of "db killer" on the tip, but anyway it's easy to be recongnized by the police...

hoyt said...

Considering the exhausts at the time, the exhausts on the old BMW are way ahead of their time. Extremely stylish.

They are still beautiful and quite original

bubble visor said...

hey thanx francesco!
this is the cb 500 your talking about right?


are you happy with the exhaust or would you swap it for an other one if you could?
it looks nice in black. you bought it like that?

your right. the whole bike is extremely stylish i think

FrAnCeScO said...

That's my father's CB 500, it's still on restoring, but it already sounds very good!
That exhaust was installed on the bike when we bought it last year, (it's an originale marving of the 70's just like the Giuliari seat)and it was already in black, but a bit rusty so we had to re-paint it with proper hi-temperatures paint.
I like it very much cause it's very similar to the racing exhausts used on the sport production races of that era, so i don't think i'd swap it with a different one, maybe only with the chromium-plated genuine ones!:)

McMad said...

The Racing model is the one to go for :)
My 750 has a hideous exhaust at the moment, anyone knows where to get Marving pipes cheapest?