24 Feb 2009

my brand new cb400f!!!!!

joepie jee, oleeeeeeee!!!!!
my new honda cb400f
bought it a week ago
have bn dreamin about this bike for a while and now i found one
my head is trying to stop spinning but it's difficult for me to concentrate..
thinking all day and night what i could do(can't do) with this bike
stupid me... :)


here is one of my plans at the moment
didn't even see the bike yet, hehehe..
my brother bought it for me.
thanx martin!

photosoep nr. 1

i need some help
have bn tryin to find some nice cb400f specials but it's hard..
please send me all your cb400f flicks to lennardschuurmans@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

Congrats on the bike! Looks like a fun project... good luck finding some Yoshi pipes like the example you posted!


Atticus Parsimonious said...

Right on, that's great you found the bike. Looks like a fun project. You've collected a lot of photos on your site on bikes you like, now it's time to make something of your own!

McMad said...

You might not find a Yoshi for it but this Marving looks cool as well: http://nieuw.honda4.nl/uitlaat/Marving/Marving.html

bubble visor said...

thanx dudes!
will post more of this bike soon

Dan said...

Looking forward to seeing what you transform it into.
I think this is another CB4, and one of my favourite bikes: http://racerton.blogspot.com/2008/12/twice-stolenmulligan-machine.html

Giannis said...

Congrats Lenny!!! Post pics of the process!