13 Dec 2008

who made these bikes?

honda ftr223
does anyone know the builders of these bikes?
i remember i found these on a japanese site but i cant find it anymore


ehpawk said...

if i knew i would happily tell you. Just wanted to leave you a message and let you know how much i enjoy checking your blog.

bubble visor said...

thanks ehpawk!
great to see someone is checking my blog.

GMV Brad Luke said...

it took me a little time, i knew i had looked at the site but i couldnt think of the name and where i had seen it.. but mulligan machine had a few pics of their bikes.. the third one down is an sr 500 yamaha from gravel crew.
the have some really cool bikes.

bubble visor said...

thanx GMV brad luke!

on the link page of gravel crew i found the an-bu site.
an-bu the all the bikes :)