1 Oct 2008

honda ftr 223
pity they don't sell it in the netherlands
would be my perfect city bike
i'm planning to make a small custom cafe street race bike
not bigger than 500 cc
these are the bikes i'm thinking about to start from
yamaha sr 400, xt500, tr,
kawasaki h1, w650,
honda cb400four, ftr,
suzuki vanvan, gsf 400 bandid,
if money was not an issue i would start with a aprilia 450/550 rxv engine but they are still too expansive
will keep you updated
first i have to sell my kwasaki gpz1100 from 1981...

what's the engine in this honda?
rz 350 is also a nice bike but i'm not looking for a 2tact
this would be nice

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