10 Apr 2011

gas tank part three

I started with the right side today.
wasn't really pleased with the design when it was finished so I decided to try something else on the left side.
Much better.
after that I fixed some small mistakes on the right side and now I'm quite pleased with the asymmetrical look.

now I regret that I didn't fix the dent on the left side...
I still have to finish it with 2k paint and redo the side panels but first I need to go to the paint shop because I ran out of black...

It looks nice on the pictures but from up close it's not that clean.
but If you keep in mind tat it's my first try it's not that bad a all..!


  1. that off-white looks great!

  2. great job! love the black and off-white line design. Also keep up the awesome work on the blog

  3. Nows its a full blown Cuuustom.
    Looks good Lennard. Now just get on that seat thing & youll have a really cool bike.

  4. finally! That's what we've been waiting for!

  5. Awesome tribal design! love it.

  6. thanks dudes!
    it's far from finished but it looks much better now.

    you say tribal?
    now I'm definitely going to change the right side...

  7. Looking great!
    That front and back design make the tank look slimmer, nice!
    I didn't see any tribal resemblances at first but now you mentioned it...


  8. The paint choice is great and the L & R designs are ill. I love it man