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28 Mar 2014

Roel Scheffers CX500

The latest wild creation From Roel Scheffers 
Style pioneer from the Netherlands
I'm not a CX fan but this one is crazy nice
Kustom Bart did the insane paint job
Follow Scheffers on facebook and check his website here

2 Jan 2014

Scheffers new project

 Happy New Year!
 Ride safe in 2014

Let's start the year with Roel Scheffers new project. 
It's still in a very rough state but I think it's already the best looking CX on the planet.

Follow him on facebook or check his website.

12 May 2013

Tin Can Customs - BBQ

These are interesting times for the custom scene in Amsterdam.
Since we organized Rusty Gold last year a lot of cool stuff is happening in Amsterdam.
Numbnut Customs came out of nothing. They recently finished their first two bikes and organized the Numbnut Ride Out #1 the day before Rusty Gold 2013.
An other custom shop opened recently in Amsterdam. Tin Can Customs.
And an other new kid on the block is Cool Kid Custom, stationed at the overtoom in Amsterdam.
(De oplettende kijker had ze al gespot tussen mn foto's van Rusty Gold 2013.)
Rumors are Boy Janssens Pancake Customs will update his facebook page soon.
Dimitri from the Amsterdam based Super Motor Company is working on his 3rd  Super Custom, the Dirty Donkey
So yes! Seems like the custom scene in Amsterdam is finally taking off!

The night before Rusty Gold and just after the Numbnut Ride Out #1, Tin Can customs organized a BBQ. Lot's of dudes from the forum where there with their cool customs.
(Meld je aan bij als je low budget customs maakt. We hebben meer actieve leden nodig. Leuk forum!)

Tin Can was working on a very nice old skool cb750 chopper with an interesting kick stand :)At night we found out that shit happens when your riding on your friends cb750 chopper in the dark with your black bubble visor. It wasn't me :)
But a few beers later it was fixed.  
Roel Scheffers was present with his out of this world RS09 Beemer.
Lot's of nice people from came to the bbq from all over the place.
I saw the coolest Goldwing sidecar.
You have to see the  radical XS650 with the build in flame thrower with your owne eyes!